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Our solutions are designed for any industry wanting to monitor & track assets in real time.

You need it, we can deliver it.

Real-time tracking

Complete peace of mind

Continually monitor the location of your assets in real time. Receive details on your assets and essential information delivered directly to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Locate your assets

Quickly locate your assets in any location from anywhere around the world.


Always in the know

Enabled with automated alerts on assets or incidents.

Notified on arrival

Receive automated notifications on arrival or departure from any points of interest.

Sensor & Condition Monitoring

Monitor environments of your assets

Monitor a variety of asset or environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, moisture, air pressure, digital inputs/outputs, door open/close, and more.

Device to Platform Integration

Demand More From Your Devices

Easily configure your devices with full control over a rich set of device parameters.

We have the ability to integrate multiple data streams and IoT devices into a consolidated platform.

Security Management

Authenticated & Encrypted Everywhere

We implement comprehensive security protocols on our hardware to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your IoT data.

Quality Devices

‘Good Enough’ is Not Enough For Your Critical Assets

Details matter. Our entire process is underpinned by a relentless attention to detail to consistently deliver solutions of the highest-possible quality and reliability.

Location Asset Management

Managing assets indoors & outdoors

Our devices support multiple location technologies, enabling new and affordable Indoor-to-Outdoor asset management applications.

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